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Glow-worm offers three different types of boilers used to provide heating and hot water to suit a range of properties. They pride ourselves on manufacturing innovative appliances that are extremely reliable and energy efficient.


All their boilers have a ErP rating of 'A', offering the highest quality and performance to ensure your home is nice and warm.

Selecting the right boiler for your home is an important decision. Whether you opt for a combi, system, or regular boiler, we can help you find the most suitable for your heating and hot water requirements.

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1. Combi Boilers

Glow-worm’s combi boilers are the ideal solution for all your hot water and central heating needs.

Combination boilers are the most common type of boiler in the UK. This type of boiler supplies central heating and hot water and demand without the need for an external hot water cylinder. For this reason, a combi boiler is a great choice if you’re short on space or simply want to save room in your home.  


Glow-worm produces a wide range of high efficiency combi boilers that you can depend on.

2. System Boilers

System boilers provide central heating and hot water via a hot water cylinder. This means they maintain a constant supply of heated water when you need it.


These models are for those living with multiple occupants who wish to use hot water from multiple sources at once.

Glow-worm’s system boilers do not require an expansion tank or gravity water feed, freeing up valuable space in your loft and meaning that it can offer a more efficient and lower cost installation process.

3. Regular Boilers

Glow-worm’s exceptional regular heat-only boilers (also known as ‘open-vent’ boilers) provide central heating and hot water via the boiler, a storage cylinder and a water tank.

This type of boiler is perfect for supplying hot water to multiple bathrooms simultaneously, even in areas with low water pressure.

We offer a number of high-efficiency regular boilers, specifically designed to be durable and easy to use. If you’re looking for great performance within a sleek and stylish exterior, look no further than our regular heat-only range.


Phone 01304 381477 to book in for a free estimate today!

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