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What is a Central Heating System Power Flush?


When your central heating becomes sluggish, slow and it’s taking longer for it to heat up, or there are cold spots in your radiators, it may be time for a powerflush. 

Powerflush Deal Kent

Powerflushing your central heating system is crucial to removing all the sludge and debris that builds up in your heating system over the years.  It builds up in radiators, heat exchangers and pipework resulting in diminishing transfer of heat.  


Eventually it will lead to the failure of your boiler. If it is not addressed, then the contaminants will cause a lot of damage.  To rectify this, a solution cleanses the system removing any rust or debris which usually takes a day to complete.  


A powerful pump is connected to your central heating system and flushes a strong chemical rinse through it, which dissolves build-up and forces contaminants out of your pipes.

After the chemical flush, an engineer flushes clean water throughout the central heating system. Once the power flush has been completed, your central heating system should be ready to work at full capacity again.


Contact us to get a personalised quote over the phone based on the amount of radiators you have in your home and if you have either a combination or conventional boiler.

Powerflushing helps prolong the life of

your system, lower your bills and

reduce the risk of breakdowns.

You should always have a certified Gas Safe professional complete the power flush of your heating system. Not only does the process require access to tools and chemicals that members of the public don’t commonly have access to, but trying to flush the system yourself could invalidate your central heating system’s warranty.


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