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Flavel Fires

Simplicity of form. Complexity of flame. The glass front of the Atlanta amplifies a unique flame pattern through an undulating back panel, and its sleek design ensures easier and cheaper installation. Offset against a brushed satin silver fascia it conjures up an ethereal yet comforting minimalism.



Phone us on 01304 381477 for a free estimate to fit the Falvel Fire of your choice.

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Flavel has been a company that has seen through wars and still managed to establish a renowned name within the heating world. From being in business since 1777 this company has more history than many would think.


From that time period Flavel have been a company that has won established awards for creativity and design. Their high efficiency gas fires are some of the most efficient in the industry along with low running costs you truly are having the best of both worlds.


Flavel has always had a reputation as a manufacturer of some of the most efficient fires on the market. Now we have set new industry standards with the introduction of the Flavel HE high efficiency range: exceptional heat output combined with lower running costs compared to standard gas fires.

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Flavel Thurcroft Stove


The Thurcroft stove is the ideal mobile gas appliance with a living flame effect that provides the warmth, appearance and atmosphere of a traditional stove. A self contained 7kg Butane gas cylinder housed within the body of the stove provides up to 60 hours burning time.